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A good description of a fisting-experience.


Interview published in Brazilian magazine called Trip, Sept. 2014

From sexual freedom Mecca in the 20s to cradle of cutting edge research on female orgasm (which led to the discovery of the "G spot"), Berlin is a city open to experimentation. Contrary to current trends, which indicate high demand for intimate surgeries, such as narrowing of the vaginal canal, in the German capital the tendency is different: it is time to open, to expand. Not only the mind and the horizons, but the pussy itself. The pronunciation of the word fisting (the extended "s", as if tearing something) can cause some discomfort. In German then Faustfick (or fist fuck) may sound too heavy. According to Coach Lea, 48, alternative therapist specialized in sexuality, the porn industry has created a very violent image of fisting, while it can actually be a redemptive experience. In her workshops, she teaches couples and pairs of friends, in the range of 30 to 60 years old, the necessary steps to put your firsts to work. Hygiene is important, and it’s indispensable to use surgical gloves. She also draws attention to the need for subtlety: "some men make quick movements because they think they need to imitate the 'in and out' of a fuck. They do not realize that the slightest gesture can sparkle a series of sensations”. For Klara Luhmen, 32, tantric massagist, fisting can be "deep and meditative. There’s a sense of fulfillment and lots of action can distract this state." "The first time I received it, my body was vibrating for about 10 minutes, in complete ecstasy”, she says.  The carpenter Hans, 43, feels "delighted to be able to enter with the fist in this mysterious, warm and cozy cave that is the vagina”. His wife Elke, 47, a yoga teacher, smiles: "after giving birth to four children, my vagina became wider and more receptive and my husband loves it”.  

Lea enumerates the benefits of the practice: to eliminate tensions in this area, that is rarely massaged; to workout the pelvic muscles, avoiding health problems linked to reproductive, excretory and kidney functions, and, of course, to discover new ways of having and giving pleasure.

The "widening" (initial stage of fisting, when only the fingers, gathered at the position called "silent duck" are inserted) helps in the preparation for childbirth. And the constant practice of fisting can combat the dreaded genital flaccidity. "This is not about just 'enlarging', but to train the muscles to relax and contract, creating body awareness in the region," teaches the coach. Klara adds: "all the muscles of the body must be worked out, stretched and strengthened. Why not to do the same with the vagina? "



Health benefits of vaginal pleasure, widening and fisting?

Of course, there are many !

It helps to feel more relaxed and experience less pain during menstruation or sexual intercourse. It also helps to reduce vaginal afflictions, bladder problems, or problems with bowel movement.



Fisting during menstruation could bring microbes into the uterus or the ovaries (the cervix is opened wider to let the blood flow out). Therefore I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you practice fisting while you are intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs, you could hurt the skin of the vagina or damage the entrance. Even more important is the emotional risk, if partners don’t communicate well enough about their feelings or pains.


Yes, pain can be a part of fisting. But it is a kind of pain that feels really good!


to be continued